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Nestor Programme


The NESTOR Program: orientation and university tutoring depends on the Vice-Rectorate of Studients, Postgraduate and Continuing Education.


Its objective is to support students in their integral formation process through personal, academic and professional guidance, so that they can make well-founded decisions throughout their university career, as a professional future and as a citizen.

The basic elements that make up the Néstor Program are:

  • Reception Days: the new students entering the UdL grades have, during the week prior to the start of each course, a first contact with what will be their university. This welcome consists in presenting to the students the own structure of the University, the centers, the study plans, as well as the main resources that are put at their disposal. Also introduce them in some of the most general and basic transversal skills such as access and use of the tools to work in the virtual campus or access to the bibliographic fund, team work or study techniques.
  • Individuals and/or group tutorials: With the aim of making available to each student the reference figure of a teacher so that they can get information, guidance and advice during their stay at the UdL.
  • Whorkshops: each center organizes workshops to provide students with the basic tools that can be used to develop generic transversal skills throughout their university stay as well as those that have a specific development in the subsequent exercise of their profession.


You can find more information at Programa NESTOR d'orientació i tutoria universitària (més informació) PDF