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Double bachelor's degree: Applied Languages ​​and Translation - English Studies    

The double degree itinerary in Applied Languages ​​and Translation and English Studies, which allows to obtain these two degrees in 5 years, was born with the vocation of providing complementary training to students who wish to specialize in English, providing them with competences of the field of applied linguistics, which is the discipline that aims to solve the problems of society related to language. Within this field, special emphasis will be placed on the field of translation. It is also intended to reach knowledge about the literature and culture of English and French speaking countries, insofar as these are necessary for intercultural communication.

That is why in this teaching, in addition to English, we also work in other foreign languages, such as French, guaranteeing an advanced level in both. In addition, students who complete this double degree will also reach an expert level in Catalan and Spanish skills.

Leaflets of the Double Degree